Board and Staff  L to R: Bonnie, Coco, Harry

Coco Gordon: (middle in above photo) is our newest Board Member (2015), lives in Lyons, CO and has participated in many Our Sacred Earth activities. She is foremost a prolific artist in many genres and a Permaculturist and PC Design teacher / believer.

She is a Gaia University graduate, MSc in Integrative EcoSocial Design, Gaia U 2012.

She works as co-chair of the Sustainable Futures Commission in the town of Lyons, including being liaison to two other Commissions - UEB Utilities Engineering Board and Ecology Board.

She created a 2 day Charrette, Ecological Wastewater Eco Machine treatment for Lyons in 2011. It put in motion a proposal for a biodiverse waste water treatment process that takes the usual end unusable B Biosolids to the highest quality A to prepare the town for a Public- Private partnership that will be the first ecologically engineered wastewater for CO.

Coco, artist, made 60 books in various editions using her own hand-made paper; many small editions of art/poetry books, sculpture, prints and etchings, drawings/paintings and performance art, and is a published poet. Her Art works and artist books have been shown and are in international collections of many Museums, galleries and private collections including MOMA, Whitney, Fogg. A Solo of 37 eco-art installations with earth and salt, In Messina Italy 1990 and150 of her life size books were exhibited at the Caserma Zucchi (an old Armory exhibition Space) in Reggio Emilia 1989.

Coco also is an urban gardener. Beautiful vegetables and flowers surround her home in Lyons.

She is AKA Super SkyWoman, a modern heroine of action on behalf of the Earth, reinvented from the Indigenous Haudenosaunee People’s creation myth of the beginnings of our first world .

Coco’s burning interests: creating an earth-based public policy, re-inhabiting the Commons, sharing healing techniques, Permaculture Design, taking people on WalkTalks with Nature, Bioregional Ceremonial Village, growing her own food, watershed design, and being proactive procuring Rights for the earth's living nature.

Harry Albert, Board Member in Spirit now  b.12/12/36   d. 10/27/17
I have had long involvement with and supported pro-Earth NGOs. I’ve hiked and traveled extensively in the western US, nourishing my Pantheist enthusiasm and Gaia sentiments. I seek to help re-direct majority public sentiment and corporate policy in English-speaking countries toward understanding, caring for, and respecting the climate and the planet, as other countries are already doing much more effectively. In particular, I support alternative transportation (electric bikes, smaller cars, more passenger railroads), non-fossil energy sources, energy conservation such as by appropriately downsizing residential buildings, and by expanding organic agriculture, including the development of perennial grains and a shift to the healthier plant-based food economy.
I attended Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement, studying Chemistry. As a US Navy Officer, sailed the western Pacific, visited Asian countries, and learned of the workings of the Defense Department. Earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry at University of Colorado. Worked at IBM's main research center, in Yorktown, NY. Taught Analytical Chemistry as Assistant Professor at University of Colorado, then did research there until I got fired after whistle blowing. Worked as an optical engineer at Ball Aerospace, first on Space Shuttle components, and finally on some absurd star-wars projects, getting fired for refusal to work on a particularly anti-Earth proposal.
I happily support the work of Our Sacred Earth and enjoy participating in the activities it offers.
Bonnie Sundance, Board Member and Executive Director, Our Sacred Earth
I carry a big commitment to live my life towards and to collaborate on the work of raising consciousness and changing our culture towards putting EARTH FIRST--understanding the needs of the Earth and then designing and living our lives so that we live in harmony with all aspects of Earth, cherishing bio-diversity and human cultural diversity. I hitchhike for the Earth from Rocky Mountains to Boulder, CO and 4 years lived off the grid, without a phone and am happy to have local Internet connection and good community-oriented Earth-caring neighbors human ones and the forest-beings of my local eco system.
I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru, an experience which shaped my Global Citizen focus. I helped build feminist culture in the 1970's in Seattle. I participated in Whidbey Island Institute in the 1980's in their Earth and Spirit programs and in the 1990’s with Naropa University programs in Eco-Psychology and with a local neighborhood environmental organization. I am a member of Pachamama Alliance, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Mountain Forum for Peace, KGNU Alternative Radio, the Boulder  Eco Dharma Sangha, Bioneers Salon Boulder, the Shambhala Climate Salon and I support through email a number of environmental organizations’ efforts.