Spring 2020: Regenerative Vision

As we hunker in our social isolation this spring, may we reflect …

What we as an industrialized human species have done to extinguish life of other species and threaten our own future existence, the Coronavirus is now doing to threaten our human lives.

Could this time become a wakeup call to change our human behavior from one disconnected from Earth and each other into one acknowledging and acting to protect our interconnectedness, our impacts on others?

As governments seek to help us through policies and measures to protect ourselves, may we awaken to thinking and acting beyond where our modern ways of living have brought us-- living outside the staying power of this planet.

Would that as we are called to act for the good of everyone’s health, we enact the value and necessity of universal health care, not for profit,

Would that worldwide policy ask, at this time of census, that humans stop birthing babies, beyond self-replacement, one for one and more women decide NOT to bear children so that we reduce human numbers and reverse our terrible impact on the generative life of this planet

Would that we as a human species self-contain from using so much fossil fuel for war, for transport, for creating plastic, for over-heating, over-cooling homes and public buildings and replace fossil fuel with a just transition to renewable energy and non polluting product sources.

Would that we shift our usurious growth-oriented economics into one responsible and accountable for impacts, creating meaningful work in support of Life; and shift from subsidizing mono-crop agriculture to support regenerative agriculture.

Would that over-consumption, hoarding wealth be seen as an immature non-social expression and be replaced by a universal basic income from just taxation to provide for the basic needs of everyone.

Would that we see into, understand and transform racism, sexism and other “isms” into a just and equitable world for all beings.

Would that humanity learn respect for the life of other species, understand the nature of this beautiful planet, Earth and live in respect for and in a greater harmony with its creative evolution.

Bonnie Sundance, Director, www.Our-Sacred-Earth.org 

Grief becomes a Path for Action I walk to the bus, with grief, as these thoughts come.  (October 25, 2019)

As you plan and you look out across the pathway of your day – what do you see? What concerns arise?

In your day, when you look up at the sky, do you also see the mounting Climate Crisis as we climb towards 450 ppm of CO2 when the safe amount is 350 ppm?

When you look down at your feet do you perceive the dying of biodiversity, the species forced out of existence?

Along the periphery of your gaze do you see the flames burning the precious Amazon forest upon which we depend?

Are these part of your day as you make choices? Converse with colleagues and friends?

Would you spend an hour each day for the Earth? To live to change our culture into an Earth caring/connected one?

In that hour can you reflect? -–

Can you say No to your next airline travel plans?

And say No to your investments or to your support of fossil fuel companies?

Can you say No to military spending and corporations with whom 50% of tax money goes for 50% of US fossil fuel emissions?

Will you join and support the work of an Earth caring organization?

Can you aim to cut back your fossil fuel use by 50% in the next few years as the IPCC report asks?

Can you walk or take the bus instead of hopping into the convenience of your car?

Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone and stretch for the Earth and children of all species?

In that hour, can you step into a caring relationship with nature/a tree/the Earth/another being –and care. Can you learn from Indigenous cultures the importance of understanding our interconnection?

Can you appreciate what you have and let it be enough?

Can you start giving TO the Earth and let go of expecting Her to give to YOU so much at such a high cost?

The Earth thanks you for spending an hour giving her your caring attention in action.


Bonnie Sundance,  Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Executive Director, Our Sacred Earth, www.Our-Sacred-Earth.org

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